There have been doubts for several months regarding the relationship between Pascal Obispo and Julie Hantson. If the two lovers have not appeared together for a long time and it seems that they are separated, they continue to interact on social networks. Last September, the singer had not hesitated to comment on the message follow “yes beautiful photo” on a publication of his wife who lives in Cap Ferret while he is chaining projects in Paris…

Radio columnist, Julie Obispo has just played the editorial writers for the magazine “Happinez”. Invited to give her vision of love, the pretty blonde wrote the following words: “Love is the highest and therefore the most powerful vibration. It allows wonder, a state of creativity and freedom that stimulates and makes us vibrate. Between being loved and loving, between self-love and love. love of others, how to situate oneself, how to open up to vulnerability, authenticity?.

She keeps : “The bases of any stable and solid love relationship are, in my opinion, respect, communication, compassion and mutual admiration. I think it is essential to know how to give, receive, listen and open up, Fear is the opposite of love. To follow your heart, you must go beyond your apprehensions by having faith in the future. If we disregard possession, love multiplies to infinity with the capacity to love people, nature or even the Universe.

The singer’s wife concludes: “It is important not to forget yourself as an individual when you harmonize and go beyond the pitfalls of extreme fusion and dependence. According to mol, what unites the couple in the long term is the quality of the relationship that the two people will propose”.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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