or singer Gilberto Gil published on his Instagram, in this quarter-feira (11/1), a tribute to his son Preta Gil, diagnosed with non-intestinal cancer nessa terça-feira (10/1). The veteran published a video of the singer with the family, and used one of her music to represent the occasion.

“Se a vida fere/ Com a sensação do brilho/ Suddenly people will shine”, says the excerpt from the music Realce, used by Gil in the legend of the video. He still declared himself for the son and daughter of the force of black gil:

“Pretinha, since you were born, everything in your turn has become more beautiful and intense. His strength was always an example for all of us. We are with you.”

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Preta Gil reveals cancer

The singer Preta Gil announced, on the night of this third party, that she was diagnosed with non-intestinal cancer. Gilberto Gil’s daughter Gil has been hospitalized for six days at the São Vicente Clinic, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

“Today I received a definitive diagnosis. I have an adenocarcinoma in the final portion of the intestine,” wrote Black. The artist affirmed that she begins the treatment in the next second fair (16/1). “I count on everyone’s energy to remain calm and confident,” she concluded.

Adenocarcinomas are malignant tumors that can develop in epithelial glands in different parts of the body.

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