This Tuesday, January 10, 2023, Cyril Hanouna revealed exclusively in TPMP, the content of Dieudonné’s letter of apology to the Jewish community. On the verge of retirement, the famous comedian has indeed decided to make his mea culpa after decades of mockery, insults and degrading words against the Jewish community.

After these revelations, the host was this Wednesday, January 11, 2023 back at the controls of his show and also started the program with a little more lightness. Baba has indeed invited his columnists to confide in the unusual places where they have been able to make love. The opportunity for Géraldine Maillet to let go live: “I think I’ve already done a plane, but otherwise a taxi in New York… It was a trip between Soho and the Upper East Side”.

Something to surprise his comrades and Cyril Hanouna who tried to understand how the famous novelist could do it while the driver was driving. Géraldine Maillet then added a few details: “It’s like a trip from Boulogne to Bastille, it was evening, it was romantic. The driver acted as if he didn’t see… A taxi is still romantic, we are young we are carefree” she said.
The columnist then clarified that it is an old memory of youth. Mother of a daughter named Mathilde, Géraldine Maillet has been in a relationship for several years with sports journalist and editorialist Daniel Riolo.


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