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on the eve of BBB 23what premieres next monday (16) on Globethe country will be able to accompany another team of celebrities and anonymous people willing to do anything for a millionaire award. However, among the participants of previous editions who were not lucky enough to leave the program with their livelihoods earned, there are some who managed in other ways to gradually reach their R$ 1.5 million.

If in the early days of the BBB, the gamble was high fees for participating in nudity essays in magazines such as Playboy and G Magazine, in recent times former BBBs have taken advantage of platforms such as OnlyFans and Privacy to charge for the publication of adult content —and they make money high with it.

One of those who joined is Luciano Estevan, first eliminated of BBB 22, which he entered with the aim of being very famous, as he said at the time. With a million followers on Instagram, he is also making a name for himself on OnlyFans, where he charges a monthly fee of $13 (about R$67) for share recordings for which he is very comfortable in showing himself how he came into the world.

The business seems to be really profitable. the baiana Lumena Hallelujahwhich was eliminated on the fifth wall of the BBB 21, declared that he earned BRL 100,000 in 10 days on the Privacy platform, where subscribing to his content costs BRL 99.90. Afterwards, she also opened an OnlyFans, with a monthly fee of US$ 19.90 (about R$ 103).

Another indication that the business is profitable is that even the already millionaire winner of an edition, Vanessa mosque of BBB 14, joined the wave. To buyers of her content on OnlyFans (US$9.90, or R$51 per month) and Privacy (R$49.90 for the monthly plan), she showed —for example— the result of the intimate surgery she performed in 2022 .

Lucas Gallina (BBB 20), Wagner Santiago (BBB 18) and Francine Piaia (BBB 9) are others who have already passed through the house and entered the world of adult content after the end of confinement. Check in the gallery above which other brothers and sisters are present on adult content platforms.

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