De Siervo (Lega Serie A): «Italy a country of piracy and without telco entry into TV rights»«Italy is the only one of the big countries that hasn’t had a serious intervention by a telco within TV rights”. This was underlined by the managing director of Lega Serie A, Luigi DeSiervoon the sidelines of the presentation of the introduction of the semi-automatic offside in theInternational Broadcasting Center of Lissone (Monza and Brianza), to those who asked him at what stage the next tender for the TV rights of the top league was.

«By analyzing the revenues in all the other 5 countries of the top 5 leaguesgoes on – it can be seen that the peak is always related to the entry of a telco into the distribution system of premium content such as football. This has not happened for the type of telco in Italy, but above all because sales in aggregate ‘bundles’ of connectivity and content are permitted abroad. The impossibility of making this ‘bundle’ has damaged Serie A and Italian football, not allowing those investments, which come from a perimeter that is not only the price for the number of subscribers, to be able to reserve».

As for the future tender for theassignment of TV rights: «The innovative elements are those relating to the fact that the duration for abroad has already changed and for that in Italy it could be extended up to 5 years. This element also allows new operators, who are not present today or are marginally present in Italy, to be able to make an investment, because the yield of a project like this has a sufficient time course to amortize the initial investment and be able to guarantee revenue for 5 years. We are lucky enough to be able to issue tenders that are always strong and guarantee La Lega. We have made a very strict reminder of the contractual obligations to protect the League. We are the damaged party in this matter and have called Dazn to its duties”

«We are sadly known for being the country of the ‘pezzotto’. From this point of view, we expect an important intervention from this government because we must be able to intervene on the problem. The refinancing of Italian football starts from a change of opinion. We have to convince ourselves that the consumption of pirated content is effective damage to the entire audiovisual system in general, but above all to football. From this point of view, a pirate who broadcasts the match causes damage of over 300 million euros per season. This is the reason why Italian football, despite having a contribution in line with the other top 5 championships, England apart, has not managed to reach the delta it had in the past».

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