From January 1st Confindustria Radio Television is a new member of the FAPAV, Federation for the Protection of Audiovisual and Multimedia Content Industries. The accession of CRTV to the Federation testifies to the ever greater intent of cooperation in the fight against piracy of the sector’s trade associations.

“With great satisfaction we welcome Confindustria Radio Televisioni to FAPAV and thank the President Francesco Angelo Siddi and the entire structure for the support and involvement shown” – declared the FAPAV President Federico Bagnoli Rossi. “The role of FAPAV continues to prove to be of inestimable importance for the protection of audiovisual products, as well as their authors and users. Today more than ever it is essential to show a strong cohesion towards a process of raising awareness of legality. We are confident that this new entry into our membership can make a significant contribution to the process of educating citizens about transparency, in order to create a healthy digital environment” – concludes the President. “Confindustria Radio Televisioni appreciates the activity that FAPAV has been carrying out for years to combat content piracy and believes in the importance of a system approach” declared Francesco Siddi, President of Confindustria Radio Televisioni (CRTV).

“Enforcement, international police coordination, judicial protection and evolutionary jurisprudence, strengthened administrative procedures by AGCOM and education are the means to be used to combat an illegal business that primarily afflicts content producers and radio and television publishers. Many of the member companies in CRTV have given, and continue to give, an important contribution to combating the phenomenon of content piracy, even in court and the association is at the forefront in all institutional settings to keep the principle of accountability clear of online intermediaries to make their “best efforts” to use content protected by copyright”.

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