Rio de Janeiro

It seems that fatigue, exposure and the fight for the public’s votes to even enter the BBB 23 lifted the spirits of Gabriel Tavares and Manuel Vicente. At the end of the afternoon of this Wednesday (11), the two had a hot chat live and in color in the home of Glass. The psychiatrist went to satisfy his colleague after the model sent a message to viewers about why he was chosen to continue in the game.

“I don’t think this is a game of discord, because I’m voting for me and you’re voting for you. I’m talking about me and not you. I’m not giving an opinion about you. You can talk about yourself because the story is about voting for you, not eliminating me. It seems that you said that I would not enter to play, it seems that you have that impression”, began Manoel.

Gabriel even tried to explain his statements: “Man, we are opponents and I have the impression that our goals are different. I have an opinion and I do not see problems”, replied the model to the redhead. And he added: ‘For me, I can disappear. For me, there’s no advantage to being famous.”

Visibly irritated, Manoel countered. “I don’t think that indicates who is playing or not. You can join just to play with the aim of making money. I can play with ambition, because I am ambitious. So, in addition to wanting the money, I want the fame. I want both.”

The two continued arguing until at a certain point, while Gabriel was interacting with the audience, Manoel stood behind him and sent a very direct message. “I came to cause, I came to play. But in my game we talk to our faces. In my game, we don’t talk behind our backs, we talk to our faces”, he shouted.

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