Sao Paulo

A true outbreak (watch below). On the morning of this Wednesday (11), the businesswoman Giovanna lost control inside Glass House of Big Brother Brazil 23cursed everyone and said he would “become the devil”.

The participant’s irritation was due to the fact that some people who are going to visit the aquarium in a shopping center in Rio de Janeiro say that it is canceled outside the house. Some past tweets have surfaced. There were those who put up a sign with the word “cancelled”, which made them bewildered.

“I’m going to be the devil, enough of this shit. I’m starting to get shitty”, she said in a scream. The participant also said that her ex-boyfriend would have released an audio talking badly about her and that he would have stolen her. “I’m being nice, goodie, that’s enough,” she countered.

On the first day of confinement, Giovanna had already cried when she discovered she was being cancelled. On social media, users are using adjectives like “forced” and “debauched” to describe the sister. Old tweets from her account are being shared and netizens are calling the contestant a “racist”.

In one of Giovanna’s recovered posts, she uses the word “monkey” when saying that people “don’t know how to joke”. In another publication, she asks if “is anything really racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia?”

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