Neyder Lozano plays with Lugo from Spain and could reach Junior.  @Neyderlozano8
Neyder Lozano plays with Lugo from Spain and could reach Junior. @Neyderlozano8

The name of neyder lozano He is little remembered in Colombia, as the player left for Spanish football many years ago and established his life in said territory. For the current transfer market, Junior de Barranquilla seeks to strengthen all areas of the field, and Lozano would be on the list to be repatriated for 2023, since it was the same defender who confessed that he is waiting for the development of the eventual transfer.

Neyder Yessy Lozano Rentería is a 28-year-old defender who plays for Club Deportivo Lugo, a team in the second division of Spain, he was born in Chocó, but has lived in the Iberian country since 2013, when he signed for Unión Deportiva San Sebastián de los Reyes . By 2023, the experienced defender seeks to strengthen his career and pointed out that he is waiting for what happens in Colombia, because he could reach Junior.

In dialogue with the vbar of Snail RadioNeyder Lozano explained:

“In the end, that is being handled by a very close representative of mine in Colombia, he is listening to see, there is still nothing concrete, we are waiting to see what will happen and for now, we are waiting. Thank God, now I’m active, because I’m starting with Lugo, because the league resumed after Christmas and now I’m just waiting to see what happens”.

Although the central defender was emphatic in declaring that he had not established direct contact with Junior, he left clues about the negotiation, since he expressed that he knows “how things are going.” “Directly, I have not spoken to them, I have known a little about how things are going, but nothing concrete, I still cannot say anything, because the truth is that I do not know anything apart from what I am commenting on,” he explained.

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Millionaires became the home of the Chocoano, because prior to his departure to Spain, he was part of the ‘Embajadora’ quarry at the hands of Professor Cerveleón Cost Delgado, who is now part of Alberto Gamero’s coaching staff. Lozano pointed out that at that time opportunities were limited, a reason that motivated him to migrate to Europe.

“In fact, before I came to Spain, because I came for family reasons, I was in Colombian soccer, it was in 2012, when it was difficult for young people in Colombia to debut. He was in Millionaires, in the lower ranks with Professor Cuesta, and at that time the team had not won titles for a long time, it was difficult to give young players the opportunity, as was my case, so I decided to take a risk, ”he said in the VBar.

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The defender’s parents already resided in Spain, a situation that allowed him to establish himself more easily in that country, gradually climbing to professional football. However, once in Europe, he was about to sign with Atlético Nacional and return to Colombia, as he negotiated with the ‘Verdolaga’ team, however, the transfer fell through at the last minute.

“At the time, when I left Elche, I was talking with Nacional, in fact those were quite serious conversations, because I spoke with Professor Juan Carlos Osorio and with the president, but only due to contractual issues an agreement was not reached, and also at that time I had the option of reaching the first division of Spain, and I decided to stay here and made the decision, now I’m waiting to see what happens ”declared about the failed pass.

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