If it was initially a party, the festival The Breakers is turning into a fiasco, even before it has taken place… The “fault” in its relocation. Initially planned in the city of Céret from July 6 to 9, 2023, the festival will finally take place in the city of Perpignan led by Louis Aliot, the RN mayor. And it is precisely this point that poses a problem for Indochina. The group of Nicola Sirkis categorically refuses to play in a city run by the National Rally and made it known by means of a press release this Saturday, January 7.

“We expressly ask the management of Les Déferlantes to move this festival to another location, otherwise we will cancel our visit”, they announced. A few hours after this announcement, Indochine received many insults from Internet users and even fans who said “disappointed” of their choice, while the group has always advocated “freedom”. However, their decision gave ideas to Louise Attaque.

Louise Attack, as Indochina

Since Gaëtan Roussel’s group made the same decision as Nicola Sirkis and the others. Or rather, threatened not to go to the festival of breaking wavesin particular because this choice was made without consultation with the artists who are to perform there. “We do not want to endorse the fait accompli method, nor the possible recovery of the festival by the RN town hall”said Louise Attaque, also by press release, this Tuesday, January 10.

In fact, the artists ask the management of Les Déferlantes “to do everything possible to find another place […] which meets the expectations of all: organizers, artists and festival-goers. As things stand, we no longer wish to participate in this event.”. It remains to be seen whether the festival will speak out following this new announcement. Something he had already done after the announcement of Indochina, indicating that he had “take note of the group’s position to condition, for political questions, their coming to Les Déferlantes”.

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