In the early 90s, Kad Merad was not yet a comedy star in France. The latter then officiates on the OUI FM radio where he meets a certain Olivier Barroux. Very quickly, these two understand that they share the same humor and it does not take long for them to start working together. Spotted by Jean-Luc Delarue, they host chronicles in his programs such as Already Sunday, Already the return, then It’s time and It’s always time. After hosting La Grosse Emission on the Comédie! then occasionally co-hosting the program Tout le monde en parle with Thierry Ardisson on France 2, the duo launched on the big screen in 2003 with “But who killed Pamela Rose?”.

The two actors then meet with success in this crime film pastiche which brings together sketches that they improvised ten years earlier, when they were still officiating on the radio. In 2012, they decided to do it again with Mais qui retué Pamela Rose?, following their first opus. And to the delight of their fans, the two actors will reprise their roles as incompetent police officers Bullit and Riper.

In the series they are currently filming for Canal +, Kad and Olivier put on their costumes to escape this time from a sanction from the FBI disciplinary committee and arrest a mysterious serial killer who attacks star youtubers of internet. An investigation that turned out to be rather delicate since they will have to hide the blunder they committed by causing, in spite of themselves, the accidental death of their first suspect.

A return to his first love for the one who has just married the host Julia Vignali. As our colleagues from the magazine Here said, the 47-year-old Télématin presenter and the 58-year-old comedian would have said “yes” to each other on November 26 during a very intimate ceremony where only they, the mayor and the witnesses were present.


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