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DAZN: «Automatic reimbursement for disservice, creation of Network Operation Center in Italy»Today, at the Ministry for Enterprise and Made in Italy, the Minister Adolfo Urso together with the Minister for Sport Giovanni Andrea Abodi and James The sisterPresident AgCommet the leaders of DAZN represented by Shay Segev (CEO Dazn Group), Sandeep Tiku (CTO Dazn Group), Stefano Azzi (CEO Dazn Italy), Roman Righetti (General Counsel Dazn Italia), the President of the Lega Serie A, Lorenzo Mess and Luigi DeSiervo, Chief Executive Officer of Lega Serie A.

DAZN has provided detailed description of the disservice which interested two of the ten matches played on 4 January 2023 and of these a part of the subscribers. In emphasizing that the disruption was caused by a external global partner in charge of managing the distribution of traffic on the servers (cdn) and had one much smaller size compared to what happened last summer, DAZN described how its monitoring promptly detected the malfunction and ordered the complete recovery of service.

During the meeting, the parties elaborated on the solutions to reimburse impacted customers and actions both to accelerate investments that have already been planned for some time and to make significant organizational optimizations. At the request of all institutions present, DAZN assured that it will activate, without waiting for the request from users, to correspond automatically to all affected a quarter of the monthly pass. Compensation will take place by crediting the amount according to the payment methods chosen by each customer or by issuing a voucher. The refund procedure will be activated as early as this week and will be completed by the beginning of February. Each interested user will receive communication with confirmation of refund to the email address associated with your account.

To guarantee an even more effective supervision of the technological infrastructures for the distribution of contents and their even more efficient management, the DAZN group announced a change to the current organizational structure of the Group with the creation of a Network Operation Center (NOC) in Italy. This new unit, dedicated specifically to the technological infrastructure and the Italian network, will make it possible to create additional skills at the market level and to transfer responsibility for monitoring the quality of service and routing customer traffic to the local team.

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