The House of Big Brother it is revolutionized after a new elimination, messages that arrive from the outside and a new test of survival. Agustinone of the most controversial reality gamers, made a prediction about the future of the show and angered his peers.

hours before the visit Santiago del Moro, Agustin He started with his typical comments that end up upsetting everyone. The leading participant of the “Frodoneta” began to speculate with the arrival of the driver and to assume the announcements that would change the methodology of the game, such as the withering. In the midst of his chatter, Agustin pointed against Maxi and assured him “You are eliminated two galas agobut I forgot to tell you”, a comment that could indicate little support from the public and cost him a sanction.

Big Brother: Alexis
Santiago del Moro visited the participants

Trying to commend your mistake, Agustin He said again: “They had forgotten Maxias they forgot about me the other time”, but without success since his classmates ignored him. Continuing with the list of predictions, Agustín assured that Coti would enter again and this is due to a message that the participants received from outside, it is a poster in a plane with the message: “Coti returns“.

We well know that if so, the house of Big Brother it would be turned upside down and a war would start between the female participants. But for the moment, the production of telefe neither denied nor affirmed such a possibility. However, it would be good news for Agustingiven that Coti she was the only female player the little brother trusted. In fact, before both are eliminated, they had outlined their game strategies to reach the final.

Juliet Poggio
This was the birthday celebration of Julieta Poggio

Also, the removal of alexis was a shock to the men in the house, so the statement of Agustin toward Maxi It was received as a misplaced comment or an assertion from outside that could end in a sanction for leaking information. Although they still gave no indication of anything, the week in Big Brother It’s just beginning and there may be a new release.

Big Brother organized Juliet’s pool party

Yesterday Juliet He celebrated his 21 years and with the help of the owner of the house I can celebrate it in a big way. The participant had requested the celebration in the confessional and Big Brother I had put a condition: that Ariel Y Alpha They will participate in a choreography together. Juliet He managed to meet the challenge before Sunday and yesterday the participants celebrated the first birthday party inside the house.

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