Sao Paulo

the psychiatrist doctor Manuel Vicenteone of the participants gives Glass House of BBB 23, left a video ready for patients in which he explains that he will not be in Cuiabá, his hometown, and that he has no plans to return. But he didn’t let the clients down and has already referred another doctor so that they can see each other.

“This video is to talk a little about the period that I will be out of the office. There is no prediction of when I will return to the appointment, I have no open schedule”, he began. “But I totally trust these professionals. Everyone who is in attendance with me can follow the cases with peace of mind”.

When he entered the house, the doctor said he would like to bring the “orange force” for the program, and says he considers himself a party boy. “I don’t leave parties until they’re over. I’m a trailblazer of life who philosophizes in the morning and sings funk on Friday night’s rolê”, he said, in material released by the Globe.

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