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What Casimiro Miguel it’s a phenomenon of popularity, everyone already knows. However, what nobody knew was how much money the streamer earns in the transmission of the Cup of the world from Qatar.

And the answer is: lots of money. Only in the last 28 days that he dedicates his time to the channel that broadcasts some World Cup games, the influencer has already raised more than R$ 830 thousand. It is worth mentioning that the Cup is still in the first phase and Casimiro will still have more games to show.

Last Wednesday (30), during the live of the game between Poland and Argentina, the production team let slip the image of how much the channel had already managed to raise audience and money. And it had been US$ 160,000, equivalent to R$ 830,000 at the current exchange rate.

The channel has also had over 213 million views and 3.5 million subscribers.

The transmission of the match between Brazil and Switzerland on casimir channel broke the record for the most watched live on YouTube🇧🇷 At 1:28 pm, during the first half of the national team’s second game in the championship, just over four million people followed the dispute.

The youtuber had already beaten the record in Thursday’s game (24), when the number of viewers hit 3.5 million. Casimiro displaced the singer Marília Mendonça which, during the pandemic, broadcast live on the platform with 3.31 million people watching simultaneously.

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