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Mother of Éder Militão’s daughter has her bags ready for Qatar. Karoline Lima and the defender, who played on the side in the game against Switzerland for the second round of the World Cup group stage, did not resume and she swore that she intends to stay well away from the Brazilian delegation. The reason for the trip is purely professional, but she did not give details of what she will do in the Middle East. “I’m going to work,” she just said in conversation with Internet users. Karoline only hinted that it will be a short stay, as Cecília, the couple’s four-month-old daughter, will be staying in Brazil.

The influencer, who in the last three months gained more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone, told fans that she still has the dream of being a TV presenter: “I’ve always had this desire to work on television”. Karoline became famous at the time of her relationship with the player for narrating and commenting on the games of the Brazilian team and Real Madrid, Eder’s Spanish Club Militant🇧🇷 She also admitted that she recently had depression.

“I had depression. I took medicine to at least sleep, because getting rid of sadness was impossible. I slept and woke up praying to feel at least confident that everything was going to get better, so that I could have hope for something. Today, thanks to God, I’m allowing myself to live. I’m tired of limiting myself for others “, vented.

Three weeks ago, she signed an agreement with Militão about Cecília’s pension. In court, it was agreed that the Real Madrid defender must pay six minimum wages, the equivalent of R$ 7,272.00, as food for Cecília. According to Karoline, Éder will pay all the costs of the girl’s education, health insurance and the payment of a nanny and a maid. The player will also be responsible for housing assistance – half the rent of the property where the girl and mother will live.

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