Madrid, 28 Nov. WhatsApp has announced this Monday that it is going to start rolling out a new functionality – “Message Yourself” – that makes it easier to send messages to yourself.

It is a personal chat in which the user can send notes, photos, audios or the news and reminders they need for day to day.

The new and “practical” function will be available for the iPhone and Android operating systems, and will reach all WhatsApp users in the coming weeks, reports the messaging network.

For its activation, those interested must open their WhatsApp and create a new chat; at that moment you will see your own contact at the top of the list. You will need to click on their name and the functionality will be ready to send a message.

This is a quick and easy way to keep track of your own tasks, expenses or the shopping list, WhatsApp gives as examples.

Until now, for a user to send messages to himself, the option for many was to create a chat with a contact and then kick him out. With this new “Message Yourself” function this will no longer be necessary, the chat will be personal from the beginning.

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