The South Korean national team believes that it was subjected to “unfairness” after the expulsion of its Portuguese coach, Paulo Bento, after the team lost to its Ghanaian counterpart on Monday in the FIFA World Cup finals currently being held in Qatar.

Pinto showed an angry reaction after the end of the match, which South Korea lost 3-2 against Ghana, in the second round of Group VIII of the World Cup, because the match referee did not allow his team to implement a corner kick in the last minute of the calculated time instead of lost for the half. The second, to blow the final whistle.

The South Korean national team overturned its 0-2 deficit in the first half to a 2-2 tie with the start of the second half after Cho Kyu-seong scored a brace, but Ghana regained its lead again, after scoring a goal for its player Mohamed Qudous, who scored two goals in the match, which It was held at the (Education City) stadium.

South Korea tightened its attacks in an attempt to equalize, and got a corner kick, but the English referee, Anthony Taylor, who managed the match, ended the match directly, which angered Pinto, who protested sharply against the referee’s decision, to receive a red card.

The red card meant Bento was banned from the post-match press conference, but his assistant Sergio Costa was more than willing to bring up the manager’s case.

Costa described the referee’s position as “totally unfair,” as he said, “In the first half, they allowed a corner kick to be executed in a similar situation. Pinto did not say anything outside the referee. I think it is unfair.”

“I think we should feel sad, see the injustice in the end, but also we should feel proud. We gave our lives and that is something we will try to do again,” Costa explained.

Despite Bento’s absence from the decisive confrontation awaiting his team against Portugal in the third (last) round of the group, Costa stressed that this situation – although not ideal – will strengthen the team’s unity.

“We will continue to prepare in the same way as for other matches – our strategy will not fail. Paulo will not be present on the day of the match, it is already a loss because he is obviously a great coach, but I think this situation will unite us,” confirmed Costa.

After that loss, the balance of the South Korean national team froze at one point at the bottom of the standings, before Portugal (the leaders) met with 3 points with Uruguay, who finished third with one point later today in the same round.

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