The fame of pé-cold came back to amaze Fabio Porchat na World Cup do Taste. Despite two requests from the public to not attend the game of Brazil, he was at the estádio 974 in this second fair (28/11) and accompanied the team against Suíça. EITHER Vitória’s goal was scored by Casemiro As a humorist, ironically, he was not a banheiro.

No Instagram, Porchat tried to convince the followers that they did not attract more luck to the selections that are twisted, As it happened I did not play between Argentina and Mexico. In a story, he appears leaving the arquibancada to buy a refrigerant and, when he came back, Brazil had marked with Vini Jr.

Publicidade do parceiro Metropoles 1


“What did I lose?” asked the humorist, desperate. “Só o gol”, answered a torcedor. Meanwhile, Porchat was only seen or played again for the goal to be canceled due to an impediment.

Minutes later, on Twitter, he announced that he would go to Switzerland to “do a test” and say again to do xixi. “I’m not going to go out now”, she prophesied in our Stories. And no, what do you know?

“Ah, no”, Porchat tweeted, outraged. At the end of the game, he ran to see Portugal vs. Uruguay and come to victory in Brazil: “Hello there, people, we vim e ganhou!”.

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