Sao Paulo

O vice president and senator-elect Hamilton Mourão (Republicans) yielded memes and became the most talked about subjects on Twitter after blocking a profile that dubbed him “paquita of the dictatorship”.

Internet user Jakson Lenon posted a montage of Mourão dressed in paquita and an excerpt from the paquita song by Xuxa Meneghel. “It’s so good, good, good, good / Who wants bread, bread, bread, bread / Good to be with you on television.”

An Internet user identified on the social network as Nurse Luana mocked the vice president. “General Mourão gets angry at being called a ‘paquita from the dictatorship’ everyone is blocked. You understand, right, don’t call him a paquita from the dictatorship! Leave your laugh.”

“Seriously, Mourão doesn’t want to be called the paquita of the dictatorship?” Asked a user of the social network, identified as Helô. “I’m going to General Mourão’s Twitter to call him a paquita of the dictatorship to be blocked too, then I’m going to add it to my lattes”, mocked the profile Élfica Tolkienista.

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