Rio de Janeiro

Luisa Mel, 44, used social networks earlier this Monday afternoon (28) to reveal that he suffered an attack hours earlier in the middle of a street in São Paulo. Disgusted, the presenter told details of the aggression that, according to her, came from a Bolsonarist voter. “Coward”, began the activist in defense of animals in the report.

“I was arriving at my gym, walking down the street, and guess what? I was called ‘Luisa Hell’ by a Bolsonarist (hell). I was also called a ‘Communist’ by a Bolsonarist. and a woman, ran away,” she reported, referring to the similar attack suffered by the singer Gilberto Gil on the opening day of Brazil against Serbia in the World Cup in Qatar, in Doha.

Luisa, who publicly supported the candidate Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, before the elections for the presidency of the Republic, in October, continued to complain. “I couldn’t see the face [do agressor]🇧🇷 Coward, come to my face so I can film you! But the coward runs away. Talk to my face, asshole! With all the years of public life and everything I’ve been through, this has never happened to me. But that’s not going to end my day, you coward!”

The presenter also lamented the attacks by Bolsonarists recently revealed by Lula supporters. “I’m sorry that many people in this country are still feeling bad because Lula won, but we are one people and that’s how democracy is. I know that, people, it’s a minority. Let’s hope for Lula to make a good government and, if you don’t, we’ll give other candidates a chance”, she concluded.

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