Since the launch of the program “The Late Show with Alain Chabat”, Cyril Hanouna has analyzed the performance of this new program launched on TF1 on a daily basis. After having made revelations about the amounts disbursed by the channel for the guests of the show, the host unfortunately drew the wrath of TF1 which published a press release to contradict his statements.

“All the invited personalities participated free of charge and on a friendly basis in this unique and exceptional show. TF1 and R & G ask the production and management of C8 that this denial be relayed on C8 during the TPMP broadcast as of Monday, the group seizes, again, the ARCOM so that it acts to put an end to its unacceptable actions “ claimed the channel.

Cyril Hanouna persists and signs
This Monday, November 28, 2022, Cyril Hanouna responded to this press release live in TPMP: “I’m telling you, the bands are paid, we have the information… They feel like we’re happy but we don’t care if it works or not. It’s just that we give clear and precise information. , it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work!” he launched. “They thought ARCOM was their mother!” he then added, indignant at the fact that TF1 wanted to seize ARCOM.

It was then the turn of Matthieu Delormeau to react and he also knocked out the program: “I think we have to tell the truth, it’s a failure in audiences. I don’t think anyone expected a 15% market share among housewives. It’s complicated to put Canal on Mimie’s channel Mathy, it’s not the same”.

Elizabeth Sall

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