The mother of Benjamín Vicuña spoke about the death of her granddaughter Blanca

Isabel Luco Morandemother of Benjamin Vicunagave an exclusive interview in the cycle All for youconducted by Cecilia Bolocco on Channel 13 of Chilean television. Among so many topics that were touched on in the conversation -intimate and family issues, her love, her children-, the memory of her granddaughter stood out White -died in September 2012- and also revealed that her son “married” with Eugenia The China Suarez.

At times, Vicuña also participated in the conversation and left some answers. One of the first things they saw was the living room of Isabel’s house. Benjamin showed Bolocco a black and white portrait of his grandmother, Blanca Morande. “And I named my daughter Blanca for her,” she said, alluding to the girl she had with Carolina pampita Ardohain. On another wall, there was a portrait of Blanca. “This is a painting that a friend of my mother did, and I found it so beautiful because she portrays an expression with a sideways look, with sweetness and infinite love,” said the actor.

“I always tell Benjamin: that life must be honored. It’s been a wonderful thing with white girl how could he get up, how could he believe in love again, bet on life again. I would have been unable. I think that when human beings have such deep and great losses, they make a new commitment to life. Because you have two positions: sink into the deepest bitterness or come out stronger, love again, ”he said for his part. Isabel.

“In these 10 years it has been a journey, as a family, of love, where absence becomes presence. If you learn to become attached to that figure that always accompanies you, like an angel, a shadow or an abstract figure. Today it is definitely one of the reasons why I am not afraid of death, why I get up to work and there is not a thing that I do not do, or when I feel a deep emotion, that I do not dedicate it to her ”, Benjamin told about it in another section of the conversation.

The mother of Benjamín Vicuña revealed that her son married China Suárez

At another point in the interview, when Vicuña, Isabel and Bolocco were having dinner, the actor referred to the possibility of finding love again. “One of the things I learned from my parents’ comings and goings is that they were very happy independent after they separated, that there are second chances,” Benjamin said.

That was the foot for the driver to rush him by asking him if he was ever going to give his mother the pleasure of seeing him getting married. “Is this child going to take you to the altar sometime?” Bolocco wanted to know and directed the question to Isabel. But Vicuña intervened to point out: “At this point it is more for a soap opera.”

And his mother interrupted him to reveal that he had “married” The China. “Do you remember? When she baptized the Magnolia, someone suddenly said to him: ‘Father, why don’t you take advantage of it and make a two in one?’… And we took advantage of marrying… They had given him some bags of rice for this couple… But it was precious Do you remember?” she asked her son. “No, it was not a ritual. No mom, no!” He closed, half jokingly, half seriously.

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