After being considered one of the most prestigious and recognized actors, Benjamin Vicuna He had many disappointments in love and they classified him as a man who always seeks to be surrounded by women. There was so much talk about him against him that he built a fortress and doesn’t get out of there.

Let’s remember that he lived through a scandal with Caroline Ardohainbetter known as pampitawith whom he later separated after having been unfaithful with the china suarez, who subsequently broke her heart. After being single for a while, Vicuña spent a few months with a close friend of Pampita’s, but they weren’t there for long. The relationship did not prosper because both had different priorities and the Chilean had another abandonment.

Benjamín Vicuña revealed that he has an almost paranormal ability

So many failed attempts at love led the actor to change his mind regarding bonding with a partner. “You said that you closed the doors to love. Was it a hot phrase or is it what you feel?” Asked Ale Guatti. To which Vicuña replied: “Yes, it’s a bit what I feel. I’m not looking for it right now.”

He is currently focused on his career, fully on his work projects and he does not want to make the same mistakes and have to fail in a relationship due to his obligations.

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