Pampita and her husband Roberto Garcia Moritan They shared a very special moment. Little Anne, He graduated from the “Baby” room of the Maternal garden that he attended.

The event was held outdoors, there were characters, square games, playful activities and they tasted ice cream. So much pampita What Robert, his father, alternated to play and film the transcendent moment.

dressed in white

Pampita and her daughter wore the same colorsa valid option for a day outdoors and as recommended on days with high temperatures.

Ana Garcia Moritan
Ana García Moritán Ardohain dressed for the graduation party

They both wore dresses. Pampita wore a white dress, with slight transparency and medium-heeled sandals in nude color. Ana, she wore a ruffled sundress and for game day she wore canvas sneakers. Her hairstyle, ideal for her age, was resolved with two little tails with a bow.

Pampita’s daughterone and a half years old, has an Instagram account, @anagarciamoritan and has 242 thousand followers. In the network they published photos and videos of the day of celebration.

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