Times are tough for Karim Benzema. Indeed, if the 34-year-old striker had the chance to receive a golden ball in October 2022, the latter has not been spared from injuries since. The proof, at the last minute, the star of Real Madrid was even forced to give up the World Cup in Qatar.

“In my life, I have never given up, but tonight I have to think about the team as I always have, so reason tells me to give up my place to someone who can help our group. to make a good World Cup. Thank you for all your messages of support,” he said via his Instagram account on the eve of the launch of the World Cup in Qatar.

As SPORT media report, Real Madrid also want to give Karim Benzema a rest. As the SPORT media reports, the Madrid club wants the player to regain good health before resuming training.

For his part, Karim Benzema is following a full recovery plan. Difficult moments to believe his mysterious Instagram post on the night of Thursday to Friday November 25, 2022. “In this business, you have to be able to manage those who don’t respect you. You have to smile and act like everything is fine”, shared the Nueve. A moving Will Smith speech that resonates with how the sport feels right now? The mystery remains…

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