After your trip to the Maldives with muaro icardi He is back in Istanbul with his family. The businesswoman told us about one of the new trends that will be all the rage this summer 2023: her neon swimsuits. After passing through Argentina, where he participated as a jury of the program Who is the mask? The businesswoman toured several countries in Europe, London, Milan, Rome, among others, where she also took the opportunity to carry out some work projects that she had pending.

Among the twists and turns that Mauro Icardi’s wife had, the possible divorce of the couple and their relationship with L-Gante, He kept us all aware of the steps that the businesswoman was taking. Confirmed the reconciliation and after his “honeymoon” in the Maldives, Wanda continues to be a trend with her millionaire look.

Wanda Nara on vacation
Wanda Nara posing in the Maldives with her black swimsuit

Wanda bets on neon for this summer

Neon has been a trend lately, and Wanda Nara bet on this trend during her stay with her husband in the Maldives. Two-piece swimwear, tiny colaless, variety of design that Wanda looked like a whole model.

Wanda Nara showed her favorite place in the world with a Balenciaga swimsuit
Businesswoman Wanda Nara posing with her Balenciaga swimsuit in the Maldives

In addition to the eye-catching neon green suit, she was also photographed in a pink, backless Balenciaga suit, drawing everyone’s eyes and driving all her Instagram followers crazy. The suit has a cost of 650 dollars, which is sold out in the online store of the official brand. Wanda, the empressess that sets the trend.

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