Whore. Slut. Dirty female dog. The silence is over. We will no longer be silent!“This is how Valérie Pécresse spoke on November 25 on her Twitter account. The politician, who suffered a bitter defeat in the presidential election of 2022 (on April 10, she obtained 4.78% of the vote voiced) is returning to the campaign, for another cause: that of the fight against harassment.

“So we agree that Pécresse is just a bitch”

On the occasion of the international day for the fight against violence against women, Valérie Pécresse recorded a personal and strong message. With the help of these teams, she reviewed the trash she receives on social media, and to quote in particular: “Valérie Pécresse dirty female dog, you’re going to pay for your bullshit”, “Pécresse what a bitch”, “Pécresse what a slut”, “Pécresse this bitch she sleeps well at night this whore”, “Pécresse I will have your skin”, “kind of dirty whore”, “bitch”, “so we agree that Pécresse is just a slut”, “I train every day so that the line I give you is as scathing as possible”, “Pécresse I see her I slap her”, “Pécresse is a dirty whore”.

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In voiceover after all these tweets copied in her video, the former minister assures: “These insults, these death threats, these sexist comments, I receive dozens of them every week, and I know that you do too. Women, students, activists, journalists, influencers, streamers, business leaders, columnists, politicians, we are all victims, and it has a name: cyber-harassment. Cyber-sexist harassment“.

“The omerta is over, and we no longer hide”

If she shot this video, it is for a simple reason, as a political leader, but also and above all as a woman, and as a victim, Valérie Pécresse wants to move the lines. For this, she appealed: “So on November 25, you too take the floor and denounce, tell, publish all these daily attacks, because the omerta is over, and we are no longer hiding“.


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