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A luxurious mansion valued at R$ 10 million with a private waterfall and located in Ilha Comprida, in Rio de Janeiro, became the target of a legal dispute between the Brazilian national team striker RicharlisonO senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL) and a friend of his.

That’s because the attacker, then owner of the property, went to court after a friend of the parliamentarian used documents from the former owner of the house to claim ownership of the place. The case was reported at first by Metrópoles columnist Guilherme Amado and confirmed by F5🇧🇷

According to information from the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, the last movement of the case, on October 6, informs that it was in the final shelving phase. However, it was years of legal fight that gave headaches to the Brazilian goalkeeper who debuted with two goals in the Qatar Cup.

It all started in 2020, when Richarlison and his manager decided to negotiate the purchase of the property. However, in the same year, Flávio Bolsonaro visited the place and also fell in love with the privileged space, very close to the Angra dos Reis airport. Upon learning from the former owner that the mansion was already being sold and even with expectations of improvements by the attacker, the son of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) wanted to know if it was not possible to reverse the sale.

Five months later, Flávio Bolsonaro returned to the town, which by that time had already been definitively sold to Richarlison, in the company of a friend. Without warning, he anchored his speedboat in front of the property and asked the former owner to show the mansion to an interested colleague and friend. The owner returned to say that he had already negotiated with the attacker and his manager.


But the dispute continued to trouble the national team striker and his representative. After a few more months, the mansion continued with the reforms. Richarlison’s manager’s wife, pregnant, was the one who lived there in the meantime. Only in May 2022 she was surprised with police officers and a bailiff at the door for a repossession.

The court order responded to a request by M Locadora, which had bought ownership of the property from Clara Nunes’s husband (1942-1983) in 1986, but, according to the publication, resold it in 2002. After 20 years, representatives of the estates of the former owners, already dead, claimed the space. M Locadora’s lawyer was a partner of Willer Tomaz, the friend Flávio took to find out more about the property and who was denied the purchase.

After a series of battles with injunctions from all parties, proofs with purchase and sale documents and deposits, in the end the property ended up isolated and guarded by private security guards. The TJ was unable to say who owns the mansion after the filing, but the publication of Metrópoles shows that the last decision before this stage of the process, on August 5, was favorable to Tomaz.

To columnist Guilherme Amado, Flávio said he was only friends with Willer Tomaz and that he had nothing to do with ownership of the property. Richarlison’s manager said that his wife was hospitalized and had to anticipate the delivery due to nervousness at the time. And that the player was upset.

Tomaz, on the other hand, stated that Richarlison and his manager were “invaders” and that he bought ownership of the site from M Locadora, paid tax debts and spent R$ 5 million to regularize the property.

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