The defeat of Argentina in the first game of the Qatar 2022 World Cup against Saudi Arabia left a wound among the fans with the selection. The critics have not been lacking and the questions towards the players of La Scaloneta are the order of the day. Lionel Messi, Dybala and Rodrigo DePaul They are the most attacked by the networks. That is why Tini Stoessel She has taken center stage in these last hours and wants to help the albiceleste with a surprise to improve her partner’s mood.

Some specialist gossip accounts from the show have been investigating what plans he has in mind Tini Stoessel. The first to give a clue was the Gossip account, which cited a news story about the cross between the singer’s father and Nik to ensure: “For things like these is that tini He did not travel to Qatar…But I heard that he will be in the game with Mexico”.

Tini goes to Qatar
Rumors had been rumbling since yesterday that Tini would travel to Qatar.

Along the same lines, Gossipeame also gave more details about the surprise that the “Triple T” is preparing for Rodrigo DePaul:It seems that it is more than confirmed that Tini travels tomorrow to Qatar”. That is to say, during the day of this Friday, the interpreter of “Bar” would arrive in the Asian country.

Tini goes to Qatar
Gossipeame confirmed that Tini would go to Qatar.

However, some journalists do not believe that Tini Stoessel risk going to Qatar, after the storm that caused Argentina’s first defeat and the tension that there will be on Saturday in the duel against the Mexicans.

The proof that confirms that Tini Stoessel traveled to Qatar

Gossipeame and Juan Etchegoyen in their Instagram stories shared the proof that confirms that Tini Stoessel traveled to Qatar to encourage Rodrigo DePaul in this Saturday’s game against Mexico. They uploaded a screenshot of a message that a follower sent them in which he revealed the surprise of the “Flesh and Bone” singer.

Tini goes to Qatar
The proof that confirms that Tini Stoessel is going to Qatar.

“I have a friend who is going to the World Cup and he ran into her in Madrid hahahaha, so he did go”, the user wrote. In this same line, Etchegoyen questioned: “Tini in Qatar. They saw that he was going to travel! What I don’t understand is why he lost the first game”the journalist commented.

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