The school must be in the School Support System and that each school handles this process in a different way.  Photo via:
The school must be in the School Support System and that each school handles this process in a different way. Photo via:

The District Department of Education of Bogotá, through the School Support System, announced the online tool so that students from the official schools of the city can find an alternative to download school newsletters.

Thus, the Education entity, led by Edna Bonilla, highlighted the step by step to access this mechanism that will facilitate this type of diligence for mothers and fathers, guardians, caregivers or caregivers and students of these institutions.

Through six simple steps and completely free of charge, the download process of the school bulletin can be carried out effectively and quickly. It should be remembered thatthe school must be in the School Support System to be able to download.

First of all, those interested must enter the page of the School Support System through the following link: Once logged in, click the button ‘Consult bulletins’ (at the bottom of the screen).

At this point a new page will open, where they will enter the corresponding data of the student they wish to consult, the entity remembers to verify that the information added is correct. When entering this requested information, data corresponding to the student will appear. This step is necessary to check that the name, school and venue are correct.

Therefore, select the school period for which you want the newsletter and click generate. The system will automatically generate the download of the school bulletin file which will be saved on the device in which the process is being carried out

It should be remembered that each school handles this process differently, in the event that the institution is not in the Support System, the District Education entity suggests consulting the route of Download the newsletter directly with the school.

This procedure is free of charge and does not require intermediaries.  Photo via:
This procedure is free of charge and does not require intermediaries. Photo via:

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On the other hand, the Ministry of Education reported how carry out the legalization of study documents to be valid abroad. This process to be processed directly with the entity is known as: ‘Legalization of Documents Abroad’

This procedure certifies the legality of the study documentation (diplomas, degree certificates and study certificates) carried out in the Educational Institutions of Bogotá, both public and private, and educational institutions for work and development.

This process has a response time of fifteen (15) business days, which can be extended when it becomes necessary to consult the information before the Educational Institutions and/or Local Education Directorates. The response will be sent to the email registered in the application,” added the administration.

People who are interested and interested can carry out this procedure by entering the following link: Once entered, all the requested data must be completed, this requirement has no cost and it is not necessary to do it through an intermediary.

The Education entity recalls that the documents must be in size, letter or legal, in vertical orientation and in PDF format. For each document to be legalized, a request must be made, this document must contain a resolution of approval and signature of the rector (a) or director (a).

It should be noted that the District Department of Education does not require the recognition or authentication of signatures in notaries of documents to be legalized. The entity will comply with the national legal system regarding those documents that, after being verified, are not adjusted to reality or presumed to be false.

In addition, the documents issued by ICFES and SENA will be legalized in each of them; because they are autonomous entities. The process of legalization of documents issued in Institutions of Higher education must perform before the Ministry of National Education (Calle 43 # 57-14) from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Finally, the validation process carried out by the Education entity, the citizens must reside in the Chancellery and carry out the due process of apostilling the document according to the indications of said entity.


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