Ghana coach Otto Odo complained bitterly about the referee of his team’s match against Portugal, which ended in his team’s 3-2 defeat in the World Cup on Thursday, and said that the historic goal of Cristiano Ronaldo was a gift from the referee.

Ronaldo won and scored from a penalty kick in the 65th minute to give Portugal the lead and become the first player to score in five separate World Cup finals as the team moved forward towards winning the match that was held in Group H, but Udo felt that American referee Ismail Al-Fateh had made a mistake.

Udo said about the penalty kick that was awarded after Ronaldo fell after a slight shoulder tackle with Mohamed Salisu: I think it was a really wrong decision, we were playing on the ball. I don’t know why the VAR was not used, there was no explanation for that. It was a wrong decision. It was actually a mistake against us.

In response to a question during the post-match press conference about Ronaldo’s historic achievement, Uddo said: If someone scores a goal, congratulations. But this was a gift. A special gift from the referee.

Uddo said he tried to talk to the referee about some of the decisions afterwards.

He said: I wanted to do it in a calm way but I was told he was in a meeting. The decisions were not in our favor. We had a few yellow cards that were due but there was a shirt pull and counter-attack stops which would have required yellow cards but they didn’t count against them.

Oddo felt that Ghana lacked the support of luck a bit, adding: With a little luck we could have managed to get a point.

He said: We must win now because we are under pressure. But they (South Korea are under pressure) as well.

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