Sao Paulo

Despite Richarlison, 25, having been the star of Brazil’s debut in the World Cup, the name of the striker who scored the two winning goals against Serbia caused some confusion on social networks. Netizens confused him with Richarlyson, 39, former player of São Paulo and now a sports commentator.

“I was afraid that Richarlyson would suffer a lot of homophobia… I found out that it is another Richarlison”, wrote an internet user. The similar spelling of the names ended up becoming a common confusion that resulted in memes and jokes on social networks.

“How old were you when you found out that the Richarlison you are playing today is not the same Richarlyson who suffered homophobia 97 years ago? I am very out of date”, published another. “Guys, there are two Richarlisons. I’ve been thinking all week that it was the other one”, wrote a third fan.

This year, Richarlyson became the first man on the Brazilian national football team to come out as bisexual. The revelation came years after the former athlete suffered prejudice in the sport. As a result, some fans were concerned about Richarlison’s sexuality.

The decision to have Qatar as the host country of the 2022 World Cup marred by controversy, including allegations of corruption and human rights violationssince it was first announced 12 years ago.

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