Prince William, heir to the british throne gave details of his diet. He told that breakfast consists of whole wheat toast with butter and two eggs. As infusions, accompany the first meal of the day with apple juice and a cup of tea with milk.

According to publish “The Sun”, During the visit that the son of King Charles III made to the urban space center in Cornwall, he was questioned by the nutritionist Monique Hyland and told He gave details of his likes and weaknesses and invited him to complete a form indicating the meals.

He confessed that at lunch he ate what is considered “junk” food. since he ate a banana and chocolate brownie, before what Lady Diana’s son defines as a “sandwich”, he drank a glass of water.

At dinner he ate white fish with mushrooms, but he stressed that although what was eaten in the early hours of the day was healthy, the brownie, the glass of wine and the three cups of coffee are not considered foods that favor the body. It was justified that he needs caffeine because “kids keep me up at night.”

Prince William and Kate’s husband said that the secret is moderation and that he had felt somewhat pressured when asked about the meals he made.

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