MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Mexican president will receive his American counterpart Joe Biden and Canadian Justin Trudeau in early January, with whom he plans to hold bilateral meetings prior to the North American Leaders Summit.

According to what the Mexican president said in his morning conference, the appointments would take place on January 9 and 10 in Mexico City and it was the United States that requested the bilateral agreement. There will also be a face-to-face meeting with Trudeau.

The summit has not been formally called yet and there has been no comment from the United States or Canada.

However, a meeting of these characteristics always revolves, among other issues, around security, migration and economic issues, especially given the growing migratory flow in the region and the current discrepancies on energy matters within the framework of the trilateral treaty of free trade, the T-MEC.

These types of meetings were resumed in November 2021 when Biden invited his counterparts to the White House. The idea for these appointments was born when George W. Bush received then-Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin at his Texas ranch in 2005, but they came to a standstill during the Donald Trump administration.

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