Rio de Janeiro

Mel Maia, 18, recently took over dating MC Daniel, but the actress was worried about the prediction of a sensitive already for the next few months: an unexpected pregnancy. The actress didn’t think twice about providing a long-term contraceptive method to prevent sperm contact with eggs. She got an IUD [dispositivo intrauterino] and shared the news with his followers.

“I went to put my IUD in. I had been thinking about putting it in for a while, but when Lene Sensitiva sent me a message, I decided to put it in! Lene Sensitiva, babys not here!” a doctor’s office.

“I won’t go into detail about my IUD experience. I was awake the entire time in the office. I had told the doctor that I wanted to stay blacked out. [anestesiada] because I feel a lot of cramps in the menstrual period. Didn’t have to. It was quiet,” said Mel.

The actress he also promised to return to talk about the subject with his followers. “That’s right, people. I came here just to tell you this news. Now I have an IUD inside me”, said Mel, who is scheduled for the cast of the next soap opera at 7 pm, on Globo, “Vai na Fé”. She will play Guiga, a law student, fashionista and arrogant and futile influencer.

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