Lore Imprint I was criticized by some netizens after traveling with my husband, Leo Santana, sem a filha, Liz, 1 year old. The wedding was for Sao Paulo (SP), where the singer appeared in the last fifth fair (11/24). A dancer rebutted the comments in her Stories of instagram He explained that he seeks a balance between the care with the child and the life of two.

“I will continue working, taking care of my daughter and having quality time with my husband. This has been my choice since Liz was born and I will continue to do so. That’s how I feel completely complete. I am looking for that balance”, begins Lore.

The dancer continued and guaranteed that the daughter is well cared for: “My daughter knows that we are, she receives a lot of love, affection and attention. Everything she needs. And I, as a woman, also need the attention and affection of my husband and vice-versa. Nice to be by your side, I sell every conquest ”, she affirmed.

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At the end of the eviction, Lore asked that people not judge their maternity: “I stop being uncomfortable with how I manage the time of my life. I spend four days at home now with Liz, I have quality time with her. For my child to be happy, I need to be happy. And I found my happiness working, being with my husband and my friends too, ”she completed.

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