This Thursday, November 24, 2022, France 3 broadcasts the film “La Garçonne” with Laura Smet for its viewers. Since the beginning of her career, the actress likes to take countless risks in her roles. Stay in your comfort zone? Very little her! If the daughter of Johnny Hallyday flourishes as an actress, the realization pleases her just as much. It is thanks to encounters, testimonials or even her daily life that she manages to find inspiration.

“I don’t have the talent to invent a story that has no connection with reality. I draw from my experience or that of the people I have met. As a director, I don’t have any particular technique. Images and movie shots come into my head naturally,” analyzed Laura Smet for Le Figaro. In the city everything smiles on him too.

For several years, the star has shared the life of Raphaël Lancrey-Javal with whom she had a little Leo. The birth of her son literally soothed her. “Acting had put me in a state of emergency. The gaze of others was very important to me. Since Leo was born, I feel more serene, I put things into perspective more. He takes a fresh look at me, without preconceptions. I have become someone else. It’s like I’ve finally found what I’m looking for.” she added in the columns of Miss Figaro.

“We put something in my drink…”

Being a public figure, Laura Smet is used to her life being dissected in the media. In the past, The Parisian (as specified SHE) relayed an intriguing One on the ex-daughter-in-law of Laeticia Hallyday. Indeed, our colleagues assured that she had been found wandering and naked in a street of the sixth arrondissement of Paris. The police then intervened to help him. To believe them, Laura Smet would have been under the influence of alcohol and narcotics.

The daughter of Nathalie Baye would then have been placed in a drunk tank before being released. In the midst of turmoil, the artist wanted to deliver his truth in their columns: “It was bullshit. Someone put something in my drink, the date rape drug. I know because we did tests the next day. I don’t remember anything, but it put me in an… embarrassing situation. But I wasn’t drunk naked on the street. So. Now everything is settled and today I am in great shape. » A spine-chilling story!


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