Sao Paulo-SP)

Rosângela Silva, better known as Janjais accompanying Brazil’s debut at the world Cup this Thursday (24) with the traditional colors of the flag: green and yellow.

The number on the back of the shirt is “13”, a reference to the legend number her husband Lula (PT) it’s part.

At the beginning of the month, president-elect Lula posted on his social networks an encouragement for Brazilians to wear the shirt of the national team without shame. “The World Cup starts in a little while and we don’t have to be ashamed of wearing the green and yellow T-shirt. The T-shirt doesn’t belong to a political party, it belongs to the Brazilian people.”

Brazil’s next game will be this Monday (28th), at 1 pm, against Switzerland, who beat Cameroon 1-0 this Thursday morning (24th). In the third round, the Cameroonians will be the opponents of the Brazilian team, in a match scheduled for December 2, Friday, at 4 pm.

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