Mexico coach Gerardo Martino will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to book a seat in the World Cup knockout stages when he faces his country on Saturday, even if this means depriving his compatriot Lionel Messi of glory in the tournament.

Argentina suffered one of the biggest surprises in the history of the tournament, losing 2-1 to Saudi Arabia, despite its progress with a goal scored from a penalty kick by Messi, who is participating in the World Cup for the fifth time, and perhaps the last, in pursuit of his first title in the tournament that supported him.

Asked if he would have any qualms about denying opportunities to one of the greats in the history of Argentine football, Martino did not hesitate to answer.

He added: Mexico must win, and we will do everything we can for Mexico to win. There is no other answer, I know my country, I can tell you the name of the hospital I was born in, the year and describe my hometown in Argentina, but I need to do the impossible for Mexico to win. I can’t do otherwise.

In response to a question about his plan to reduce Messi’s danger, the coach praised Messi, and said: Those who faced Messi will say exactly the same thing: our ability to stop him depends more on whether he is not successful than on what we are actually doing to stop him.

He concluded: Despite this, we always have to prepare to face the best version of Messi. We can’t guess that he might not be at his best, many times five minutes of the life of the whole match is enough to decide the match.

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