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Invited by a profile specializing in entertainment news to cover the World Cup in Qatar, Gretchen has shown his followers what his work routine is like during the competition. Before Brazil’s victory over Serbia by 2-0 in the debut of Group G of the World Cup, the singer showed that she is not caring about the customs and rigid rules imposed in the Middle Eastern country. Gretchen published a video in which she appears rolling in the middle of a square.

In the images, Gretchen gets carried away with the batucada and even risks samba, but when she is encouraged by a female voice “Conga la Conga, Conga la Conga”, she moves her hips sensually and several people around the circle of musicians begin to film the scene. On Twitter, the team that manages the account even joked with the singer’s video: “The dismissal is coming, okay?!”.

However, the publication ended up worrying Gretchen’s fans. Many followers fear that Brazil’s queen of rebolado could be deported for her unusual behavior in public places in Qatar. Even in the middle of an international event, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is only allowed in certain places, you cannot show affection in public. It is also recommended for men and women to wear garments that cover shoulders and knees, in addition to not allowing campaigns, speeches or publications for or to defend the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Soon she will be deported!” wrote one fan. “Guys, tell Gretchen that she is in Qatar”, joked the second follower and the third completed. “How crazy”. Remember that three hours before the victory of Brazil, the singer made a video saying that she was in front of the departure venue. Except that she was at the entrance to Estádio 974 and the game would take place at Estádio Lusail. Luckily, the distance from one place to another is thirty minutes in Doha, capital of Qatar. But netizens did not forgive Gretchen’s gaffe

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