Sao Paulo

The goalkeeper of the Brazilian soccer team, Alisson Becker, barely made his debut at the World Cup in Qatar and has already won the titles in the net: ‘heartthrob’ and ‘gato’ of the Cup. The player’s beauty has drawn sighs from Internet users, who say he continues handsome even with the thick mustache who appeared in Brazil’s debut game to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

“Alisson is practically a model playing football, simply the most beautiful,” tweeted one woman, sharing a photo of the player. “He looks like an 80’s perv, puts on glasses and is dressed up in a Jefrey Dahmer costume,” wrote one user on Twitter. “You are very, very, very hot,” said an internet user.

Even with the change of look, several netizens said that the player is handsome anyway. “I just thought this mustache on him was so cute. In my opinion he would look great either way,” one Twitter user opined. “How not to love Alisson Becker?” asked a woman on the social network.

“It’s cool because when a guy is handsome from birth, he looks handsome without a beard, with a beard, with a goatee, with a mustache, bald, with long hair. While people who were born ugly need to do a 24-hour ritual to try to look minimally handsome in some way ,” tweeted one netizen. “I wanted to know what it felt like to be as handsome as Alisson Becker with a mustache,” said one man on the social network.

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