All good things must come to an end and fans of the star Academy will have to accept it. Indeed, this Saturday, November 26, the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys will close its doors and say “goodbye” to the last candidates of the 2022 edition. Anisha, Louis, Léa, or even Enola will compete on the plateau and try to win the title of the famous tele-hook of TF1 only to return to a semblance of normal life.

Because yes, whether they win or not, the candidates will undoubtedly discover a new life over the weeks and months to come. Some will go to the studio to record singles and albums, others will work hand in hand with the biggest record labels, and others will prefer to withdraw from the medium, feeling suffocated and cornered by the media pressure of their new notoriety. Precisely, on this subject, Enola seems a bit stressed at the idea of ​​leaving the star Academy.

life after star Academy scares

Indeed, the one who revealed to Chris that his companion had almost given him a wind during their first night together, granted an interview to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure in which she expressed her fears at the idea of ​​discovering the outside that she did not “do not know”. “It’s not a very precise state of mind. We realize that it’s the end, we spent a month and a half isolated when I feel like it’s been three months”she confided to our colleagues who asked her what state of mind she was in as the final approached.

Before expressing his fears at the idea of ​​discovering his new notoriety: “There is also a lot of pressure because you want to give everything and regret nothing. Then, there is stress because for the first time in six weeks we will be confronted with an exterior that we do not know. It’s a lot of questions and worries.”. Enola admits it, get out of the star Academy him very scary”. Quite simply because she and the other finalists are not “not used to receiving so much attention and love”. “You don’t learn to receive so much so I wonder if I’m going to be up to it and if I’m going to be able to manage it”she concluded.

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