Carmo Dalla Vecchia share a video with reviews International Football Federation (FIFA) pela colha do Qatar for a World Cup 2022. The actor, who is homosexual, emphasized or fated the country to be against LGBTI+ people.

“Would you go to a party where it’s not good-winding? Where people like you are not well-vindas? And if the host of the same party tolerated you, supported you, since you were conditioned to what the name of culture? And I know you know that, before arriving and after leaving this same party, you are going to harass people for loving the same guy that you love?”, begins the artist, who is married to João Emanuel Carneiro.

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He continued to affirm that this is happening in the world under siege in the Middle East for the first time. “O ambassador of the Cup, or ex-player Khalid Salman, considers that homosexuais, like eu, têm danos mentais. Ou seja, being gay, lesbian, transsexual, not Qatar, gives cadeia and is highly repressed.”

In the country, sexual intercourse between men is prohibited by law and can result in death, years in prison and death penalty, but there is nothing specific about relationships between women. Also, there are penalties for men who “incite” or “induce” other men to commit or that they consider “imoralities”.

Based on the country’s policies, the artist raised some questions: “Shouldn’t football be a democratic, popular and inclusive sport? Why do you do it in a place opposite to all these concepts? Furthermore, he stressed that “culture should unite people and people” and that “death and mistreatment by difference” are crimes. “Why did Fifa allow an event of this size in a country where they don’t accept us?”, the actor asked.

Criticism of the World Cup

This is not the first time that someone has demonstrated against the Fifa team for the World Cup this year. Artists like Rod Stewart will deny a performance in Qatar because they are contrary to the practices of the country.

Além disso, those who agreed, such as Ludmilla, Robbie Williams and Calvin Harris, received strong public repudiation. When the wife of ex-BBB Brunna Gonçalves announced her presentation in the country, many Internet users would position themselves against it.

“Not yet, for those who claim to be defenders of the rights of women and LGBTQIA+ people, sing in a country where homosexuality is a crime and women who have no rights. Do not count, money in the first place and you ideas is only for English to see ”, detonated a user of Twitter.

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