Lucas Stretcher, 28 years old, showed in his social networks the fourth fair (23/11), or his new puppy, Barth, of the Border Collie breed. A public influencer in her instagram A photo next to the new pet and wrote: “O new member of the family, who has destroyed everything.”

The publication of Camilla divided opinions among the followers, although some inquired as to why she did not have a bag, instead of buying.

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“Lotados coats necessitam de adoção”, shot uma. “De raça ou vira-lata? Poxa, Camilla… so many puppies for adoption, so much suffering and do you buy a person who is tied to the minority? Passada ”, she falou a second. “Don’t buy, adopt”, continued a third party. “Camis, sou sua fã. But it is always better to adopt”, says another.

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