andressa urach She appeared for the first time on the internet after being admitted by her husband, Thiago Lopes, in a psychiatric clinic. A public ex-model has a video in her channel not Youtube And, visibly moved, I claim to be with the health of the caçula, León.

“It’s nine hours a night. At that time I thought of flirting with my ex-mistress to talk like Leónzinho, but he’s sleeping at that time. I am with my baby’s health, quite a lot”, come ela”, come Andressa.

Moved, Urach She told about the care that her mother, Marisete de Faveri, takes with her: “Fez delicious food for me. Rice, feijão, frango, sweet potato with minced meat and beetroot salt, chuchu. I’m going to sleep and sleep, tomorrow is a new day, ”she said.

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In the sequence of the video, Andressa, who was discharged on November 20, already appears at this sixth fair (11/25) stating that she would go to the hairdresser. I don’t have a long video, she still registered going to the salon, and her new routine after leaving the clinic.

Internship of Andressa Urach

A ex-model was admitted to the psychiatric wing of a hospital Not on November 13. The information was disclosed by Thiago Lopes, 38 years old, her husband, on his YouTube channel, or Canal do Maridão. In the video, the man affirms that the hospitalization was due to the wife suggesting to sacrifice the son of the couple, barely 9 months old.

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