Sao Paulo

keline runs the risk of being eliminated in the roça de The Farm 14on the night of this Thursday (24), according to a survey promoted by F5🇧🇷 She disputes the permanence in the reality with Barbara Borges and Small strawberry🇧🇷

Around 8:30 pm, the F5 poll indicated that Kerline had 19% of the public’s votes to remain in reality. While Bárbara had 45% and Moranguinho 35% of the public’s preference. In Record TV’s reality, the public votes on who they want to remain in the game and the least voted is eliminated from the night.

Bia Miranda he was in the fields, but he managed to get rid of the marble because he won the farmer’s test, on the night of Wednesday (23). She was left in the dynamics of the remaining one and ended up in the spotlight.

Bárbara was nominated for the farm by the farmer Deolane and Moranguinho was the most voted with five votes. In the counterattack, she pulled Kerline from the stall to the field.

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