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discreet sweethearts, the actors Zendaya and Tom holland would have decided to take the relationship one step further. According to US Weeklysources claim that both are already talking about marriage.

According to the publication, they plan a “real future together” and that it would be a matter of time. Even so, the two prefer to keep silent about the future.

Last year, Holland had revealed, in an interview with IMDb, that he was “disappointed” for not having been called to participate in “Euphoria”, his girlfriend’s series.

“Listen, I’ve been asking for this to happen for a long time and it hasn’t happened and I’m very disappointed,” joked the Englishman. “I must have visited [o set de] ‘Euphoria’ 30 times this season.”

The couple is together in the endeavor to put Holland in the series. Zendaya even went so far as to say that she would talk to “people at HBO” during the interview.

In the series, the actress plays Rue, a drug-addicted teenager who needs to reconcile her delicate family situation with her addiction and her feelings for her best friend, Jules. Already in the Marvel film series “Spider-Man”, she is MJ, crush and later girlfriend of Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

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