On TV, in mailboxes, on social networks, advertisements set the tone: in a big month, it’s Christmas. The period of gift shopping in department stores, calculations to fit your shopping into a budget eaten away by inflation and the logistics of organizing New Year’s Eve. All while dealing with the dodgy uncle or the mother-in-law whose specialty is to offer particularly rotten gifts (even if it’s the intention that counts). Well yes, when you become an adult, for many, Christmas can lose its magic over the years, even rekindle painful feelings in the event of complicated family relationships.

So to rediscover joy at this time, rekindle the enthusiasm of your childhood, or simply treat yourself to a pleasure that you probably won’t find under the tree, and if the ultimate Christmas kif, when you’re an adult , was to treat yourself to a super Advent calendar? Filled with fine chocolates, beers (to be consumed in moderation), cosmetics, naughty toys or cheeses, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets.

Is this your case? Do you treat yourself to an Advent calendar every year? Why? And for how long? What type of calendar do you choose (gourmet, decoration, cosmetics…)? Do you change it every year? What is your budget for this purchase? What emotions do you get from your Advent calendar? Tell us !

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