Emerald Miter he will take a definitive step in his life, he will begin to venture into politics. However, a big question arose: What will be the party where he will serve? This doubt was clarified by herself in the Jorge Rial cycle, Argenzuela, by the C5N signal. Specifically, the actress will be part of the Frente de Todos.

“It’s true, the offer existed. It scares me a bit, but I’m analyzing it. It could be”, assured the interpreter and shareholder of La Nación. Before its confirmation, the news began to travel through social networks, after the journalist Juan Alonso published a photograph on Twitter where he can see Emerald Miter with Daniel Llermanos, leader of the Igualar party, a movement with an ideology similar to radicalism.

Emerald Miter
Esmeralda Miter reunited with Daniel Llermanos.

“It is about the legal representative of one of the parties that make up the Frente de Todos. The daughter of Bartolomé Miter would have agreed to be a candidate for deputy. Stupor in the Saguier family and collateral associates. The conversion of Emeraldwrote the communicator next to the controversial record.

It transpired that Llermanos offered to Emerald Miter to be a pre-candidate for the PASO 2023 by the Frente de Todos, to aspire to the position of head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. On the other hand, it had also been speculated that the businesswoman had been asked to integrate one of the lists of candidates for deputies for the Buenos Aires chamber.

Esmeralda Miter was Alfa’s teacher from Big Brother

In Nosy in the Afternoon on Net TV, Emerald He explained that Walter, better known as Alfa, who participates in Big Brother, was his student, but that he was fired for inappropriate behavior. “The most serious thing was at the end when he attacked Cafiero. Cafiero that, apart from being my student, he is my friend. When we went back to being face-to-face, he was already fired”, highlighted the actress, who pointed out that the discussions were in the midst of debates over political ideologies.

Emerald Miter
Esmeralda Miter confessed that she was a teacher of Alfa de Gran Hermano.

On the other hand, he revealed that after the suspension as a student, Alfa sent him audios with violent language. “I had 800,000 audios with attacks from him towards me telling me why I had fired him and that’s why I blocked him. He got angry, insulted me and gets quite violent,” denounced Emerald Miter.

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